Transgender regret: Increase in desire to “detransition”

Color me shocked.  Dr Miroslav Djordjevic says more people are regretting their transgender surgeries and want to reverse them.  But this regret is “taboo”.  Joe Shute at the National Post reports:

“Last week, it was alleged that Bath Spa University has turned down an application for research on gender reassignment reversal because it was a subject deemed “potentially politically incorrect”.”

And further down:

“Following conversations with those upon whom he has helped perform reversals, Djordjevic says he has real concerns about the level of psychiatric evaluation and counselling that people receive elsewhere before gender reassignment first takes place.”

To recap: we’ve normalized gender as a “social construct” and there is an alarming increase in transgender surgeries.  Hell, we even require them to get a psychiatric evaluation before doing it.  The good doctor is right in having some doubt in how thorough these evaluations are.  We’ve made it taboo to even question whether this is healthy or the right thing to do, to the point that these people go through with this crap and come out far more suicidal on the other end and living with regret.  And, it’s too dangerous and “politically incorrect” to even broach the subject of the other side of the coin, reversal.

These people need help, and it’s not in the form of surgery.  To allow them to live out their fantasy, and we as a society encouraging them to do so, is at the root of the problem.  Normalizing this is not healthy as a society, and nobody should be surprised that younger and younger people are being targeted for this shit.

It’s becoming clearer that there is a concerted effort to push this degeneracy, and the fact that it’s taboo to report on the other side, the regret, or the increased suicide rates post surgery, is disturbing and clearly malicious in intent.

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