California Dems pushing tax breaks for illegals

None of this surprises me anymore.  In yet another slap in the face to hard working, legal, Californians, the traitorous dems of this state are trying to push through more legislation to reward those who break the law.  Via The Sacramento Bee:

The California state budget could extend a tax break to low-income families of undocumented immigrants.

Assembly Democrats want Gov. Jerry Brown to expand the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit in such a way that people who do not have Social Security numbers can apply for it.

The proposal is meant to help poor Californians recover some of their state income tax. Last year, a household with two children and an adjusted gross income of up to $22,309 would have been eligible for a tax credit. The maximum credit for a family of that size is $2,467, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

The Assembly plan would expand eligibility to people with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. They’re tax-processing numbers the IRS uses to collect tax from people who do not have Social Security numbers.

Where does it end?  Illegals can get driver’s licenses, apply for health care, get jobs, and now possibly get tax breaks.  And given the lack of any sort of voter ID and very lax (if any) checks at voting booths can probably vote too.  The difference at this point between a law abiding citizen and illegal is becoming negligible.

The incentive for filing to legally enter this country is diminishing.  What does it say about our society when we reward bad behavior and blatant disregard for our laws?  It sets a very dangerous precedent.  And it’s easy to see how others could view the rest of our laws in the same way: “why should I follow the laws if others do not and they see no punishment?”

Spare me the compassion argument.  Literally the very first thing they’re doing upon stepping foot on our soil is breaking our laws.  Zero respect whatsoever.  Why should we tolerate this?  What does that say about us?  How is that fair to our children and future generations?  Here’s an idea – if you want to live and work and make a life for yourself in our country, how about showing a little humility and respect for the laws which made this country the great nation that it is.  And the lawmakers who allow and push this agenda need to be dealt with accordingly, and in the harshest way possible.  Treason, plain and simple.

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