50,000+ DACA applicants with criminal records were approved by Obama Administration

These are not their best and brightest.  And I guess I need some help because I’m struggling to see how a – these people are a blessing to us, to use Pelosi’s words, or b – how even in the most extreme of circumstances to let people in these would be the most deserving.  These aren’t petty crimes either.  Via Breitbart:

DACA-approved people have been arrested for ten murders, 31 rapes, 95 kidnappings, 187 robberies, 425 hit-and-runs, 2,007 assaults, 4,611 drug offenses, 6,629 thefts, plus many crimes related to their illegal status — 11,861 immigration crimes and 20,926 non-DUI driving-related offenses, such as a failure to signal a turn.

Obama’s deputies were very forgiving of the crimes. For example, 2,503 people with arrest records for battery were allowed into the amnesty. So were 2,378 DUI drivers, 6,629 thieves, and 1,173 burglars.

Overall, 70.8 percent of applicants with one arrest were approved for the amnesty, as were 59.9 percent of people with two arrests and 51.7 percent of people with three arrests. One-third, or 33 percent, of applicants with eight arrests were included in the amnesty, as were 18.8 percent of people with a record of 10 or more arrests.

Also, 20,694 DACA applicants with arrest records were denied entry into the amnesty.

Do you really think these people will have a come to Jesus moment and reform their ways once they set foot on our soil?  They’ve already committed heinous crimes and many times these are repeat offenders.  Then, they break our laws again coming here and are rewarded for it.  Not a recipe for repentance.  How many Kate Steinle’s do we have to have before the feral left starts to have any compassion for the people who rightfully belong in this country?  Remind them of this constantly.


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