England risk penalties if fans sing pro-Brexit chants

FIFA, moral authority, have warned England that the team risks punishment if their fans sing pro-Brexit chants.  Via the Telegraph:

Fifa confirmed the Football Association would be sanctioned if Three Lions supporters were found in breach its rules on “displaying insulting or political slogans in any form” and “uttering insulting words or sounds” during Thursday’s match in Kaliningrad.

Asked what would happen if pro-Brexit chants were sung against Belgium, a spokesman said: “Of course, there is a risk of some kind of punishment to the FA.”

Thursday’s fixture is the first between England and Belgium since the UK voted to leave the European Union two years ago, which has been followed by tough negotiations between Westminster and Brussels.

Rather than focus inward on FIFA’s many corruption scandals (here’s one) they have decided to put their foot down on people celebrating their break from the European Union.  If we’re being honest this is just another assault on free speech and the globalists trying to bury any mention of one of their disasters.

“Fuck off Europe, we all voted out” is pretty great.  Sanctions aside I hope they bring this one out at some point during the World Cup.

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