The Stillest Hour

A well-rounded man of the West should not only be proficient in the attacks currently happening to our civilization, but should be prepared in mind, body, and spirit.  Friedrich Nietzsche is one of (if not the most) the most important philosophers in human history.  Much can be learned by his books, and you will certainly wrestle with your own views on things as you read more and more of him.  So much of his teachings can be used for our benefit today in our fight.  A small excerpt from The Stillest Hour, an aphorism in Thus Spoke Zarathustra:

Then was there again spoken unto me as a whispering: “It is the stillest words which bring the storm. Thoughts that come with doves’ footsteps guide the world.”

At this point Zarathustra has gone on his own into the wilderness to strengthen himself in solitude.  He knows what his philosophy is, but is still afraid and unable to speak about it.  And the voice that speaks to him answers with the words above.

We know what is right.  We know our cause, and why we are fighting the war we are in.  It’s difficult to share that now and then.  It is a battle.  It’s still very possible to risk your family, your career, your life in this battle for truth.  As hard as it might be to speak about it, to share it, it’s what needs to be done.  And people like us, speaking up, and fighting for what’s right, will be what makes all the difference.  Check out the entire aphorism here or do yourself a service and purchase the book in its entirety (link above).

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