Wow, what a deal! New Mexican president offers cuts to US-bound migration

Once upon a time if a country was invading you, or allowing people to pass through their land to invade you, that was justifiable grounds for war.  Not so much in 2018.  Via Al Jazeera:

Mexican president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday he had spoken with President Donald Trump on the phone and offered to reduce US-bound migration in exchange for American assistance.

“I received a phone call from Donald Trump and we spoke for half an hour,” the fiery leftist wrote on Twitter, in one of his first messages after winning a landslide victory Sunday.

“I proposed exploring a universal deal (involving) development projects that would create jobs in Mexico and, by doing so, reduce migration and improve security,” he added.

How about you respect international law and offer asylum to the caravans south of you crossing through your country to come to the United States?  It’s not really much a deal if you’re paying them money to do something they’re supposed to be doing anyways without any incentive.  At this point it wouldn’t shock me if we took it, but we already give Mexico tens of millions of dollars every year for who knows what.  This is a shakedown plain and simple.  How about rather than pay them more money to maybe (or likely not) help stop illegal border crossings we pull back the nearly $90,000,000 we give to them every year and that, with high taxes on remittances sent back to Mexico, build the damn wall and fortify it.

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