DNA tests being used to match kids with parents at the border

This should help correct the BS narrative and highlight how horribly kids are used and abused as props to get people over the border.  Via cnsnews:

“We’re doing DNA testing on everybody who claims to be the parent of one of our children to confirm that. We check birth certificates. We have surged 230 HHS people and contractors out to ICE facilities to sit with the parents to get information to prove suitability and parentage of them to work through this process. Because what we care about is the kids’ welfare.”

Azar said he learned just this morning about two children, both under four years old, whose “purported parents” have been charged with, or convicted of, rape, kidnapping, child abuse and narcotics violations:

“We are supporting child welfare and working to protect these kids. So it may seem easy — ‘Oh, why don’t you just send these kids back over to ICE and reunify these families.’

“We have a vital and historic mission here to protect these children, to make sure that these are in fact their parents, and make sure that it is a safe environment that we’re placing them back into, and we use every minute of time the court gives us against its deadline to ensure that that mission of child welfare and support for these kids is fulfilled.”

This will not bode well for the feral left.  Funny how often President Trump is vindicated after the fact.  Not surprising to anyone paying attention, but rapists really are swarming over our southern border after all.  And now there’s hard evidence to prove this fact.

This is a stopgap solution but a necessary one to control the narrative a little bit.  The real solution should be to turn everyone away who isn’t applying for asylum through the legal channels available.  It is a waste of time, money, and resources to put them through the court system for such obviously fraudulent cases.

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