Connecticut man jailed for defending himself instead of running away

Via ctpost:

A Bridgeport man who was assaulted by three juveniles while he was at work in Norwalk will have to spend 18 months in jail for stabbing one of the attackers.

“I was defending myself,” Jeffrey Sumpter, 21, told Judge John Blawie on Monday morning at the Stamford courthouse when he was sentenced for stabbing one of the males in the leg last October. Blawie told Sumpter that he understood and believed his version of events, but he said he had to follow the letter of the law.

Sumpter, dressed in a white prison jumpsuit with short sleeves, did not reply. His public defender Howard Ehring said unlike a state like Florida, which has a law allowing its residents to stand their ground, Connecticut law requires Sumpter to retreat from the beating he was given at the Dunkin’ Donuts where he worked. After being assaulted inside the coffee shop, Sumpter ran outside and stabbed one of the men.

Under Connecticut law victims cannot use deadly force if they’re able to retreat.  Pathetic.  It was 3 on 1, and one of the attackers had shotgun shells.  Where are we that you can get thrown in jail for defending yourself in a 3 on 1 attack.  On the other side of the coin, 27 states have “stand your ground” laws that allow you to defend yourself.  The fact that this has to be a law at all is ridiculous.

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  1. The United Stated has truly gone upside down in terms of logical thought . I guess if they killed him, he would have been allowed to react …..

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