Dems introduce bill to abolish ICE

In maybe the first and only documented move by the left to make government smaller, a group of House Democrats introduced a bill to eliminate ICE and disperse its duties to other agencies.  Via The Hill:

The new proposal, unveiled by Democratic Reps. Mark Pocan (Wis.), Pramila Jayapal (Wash.) and Adriano Espaillat (N.Y.), is the first piece of legislation to tackle the thorny issue, which has become a political lightning rod on both sides of the ideological spectrum in recent weeks.

Liberal Democrats have latched on to the “Abolish ICE” movement to protest President Trump’s aggressive approach to deportations, while Republicans have hammered the effort as a soft-on-crime strategy that threatens public safety.


The bill’s supporters contend that ICE, which was launched in 2003 as part of the creation of the Homeland Security Department, has become “militarized” in its approach to deporting immigrants under the Trump administration. They’re pointing to recent high-profile raids on undocumented workers, reports of substandard detention facilities and the ongoing saga of family separations at the border as evidence that ICE has lost its compass and needs to be scrapped.

This is very much a losing issue coming from the left.  A recent poll shows only 25% of Americans support abolishing ICE.  Much as they want it to be, having secure borders and actually executing the laws that are already in place are very much what most Americans want.


Napoleon’s “never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake” could not be more appropriate here.  The left pushed too hard too quickly in showing their true globalist colors and what they really want for this country.  Middle of the road people are realizing this now.  And we shouldn’t interrupt the Dems while they self destruct.  This will alienate the moderate portion of their base, and those Dems in office in moderate or red states up for re-election these mid terms must tread lightly.

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