New Hampshire Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of voter residency bill

Another potential area for Democrat abuse has been somewhat settled.  Via the Concord Monitor:

Currently, people voting in New Hampshire need only demonstrate that they are domiciled in the state, a status that requires voters count New Hampshire as their place of residence “more than any other place,” but which doesn’t carry the requirements of residency. HB 1264 would merge the definitions of “residency” and “domicile” in New Hampshire law, effectively making anyone who casts a ballot in an election a de facto resident.

Republican supporters of the bill have called the move a common-sense change that brings New Hampshire in line with 49 other states that require residency to vote. But Democrats and voting rights groups have attacked the bill as a voter suppression technique aimed at college students, arguing that the resulting requirement for voters to obtain New Hampshire driver’s licenses and car registrations amounts to a “poll tax.”

As most people know, New Hampshire features prominently in the primaries because they are the first primary.  The momentum that comes out of these very early elections can be the catalyst to propel candidates forward, or if they poll very low kill their election dreams before they really start.

This is a pretty significant ruling as New Hampshire gets a lot of attention early on and is a swing state.  A complaint some residents of New Hampshire have is the influence of ultra liberal Massachusetts.  Closing this loophole and putting New Hampshire in line with the rest of the country should help alleviate this a little bit.

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