Take some time off

I recently spent a few days hiking and camping in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.  Thankfully there was no cell phone service so I was completely in the dark on the politics and hysteria of the day; a mental reset my mind sorely needed.

The fight for our civilization from a big picture point of the view is the most important fight you can involve yourself in.  Sharing articles, memes, videos, waking up friends and colleagues, all of these are an important part in enacting the mind and cultural shift needed to get this country and the West at large back on track.  But it’s hard work, and tiring.  If I involve myself too much every single day without respite I find myself irritable, sometimes dejected, and sometimes paranoid.  There’s a reason soldiers rotate off the front line after a period of time.  Battle fatigue is real, and you don’t maximize performance of a soldier by running them into the ground.


Everybody has their ways of relaxing or changing their mindset.  For me, being outside in nature away from computers and a smartphone is the most effective antidote.  It clears my head, gets me thinking big picture about life in general, and in the case of hiking is a great way to get the blood flowing.  Find you getaway spot or place you can let go mentally for a bit.  Sometimes even just a 15 minute walk can be the reset your mind needs to get back to peak performance.

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