Steve Bannon to build foundation in Europe to rival Soros Open Society Foundation

Steve Bannon is back folks!  Via The Guardian:

Steve Bannon has announced plans to establish a foundation in Europe that he hopes will fuel the spread of rightwing populism across the continent.

Donald Trump’s former chief advisor in the White House told the Daily Beast that he wanted to offer a rightwing alternative to George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which has given away $32bn to largely liberal causes since it was established in 1984.

“Soros is brilliant,” Bannon told the website. “He’s evil, but he’s brilliant.”

The foundation, which Bannon said would be called The Movement, will offer polling, advice on messaging and data targeting and research to a network of rightwing parties across Europe that are enjoying a significant surge in support.

Isn’t it funny how the Guardian titles the piece, “Steve Bannon plans foundation fuel far right in Europe”.  Far right huh?  Literally anything that is a nanometer to the right of center is far right these days.

The pendulum is swinging back, and it couldn’t come sooner.  Europe has some momentum right now, and he could make powerful allies with the likes of Farage, Le Pen, Orbán, and probably some day with Kurz in Austria to make some serious inroads in the birthplace of Western civilization.  People are waking up to the dangers and takeover of the globalists.  I’ll be writing more about the great awakening tomorrow.

It’s great to see Mr Bannon back though.  The fallout with the President was unfortunate and I’m glad to see him out there a bit more publicly.

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