Dreamer busted for human trafficking

One of those dreamers that will enhance our country so much has been arrested for trying to smuggle 3 illegal aliens from Mexico over the border.  They were stopped in a high speed chase in Texas.  Via Breitbart:

Border Patrol agents arrested a DACA recipient for allegedly engaging in human smuggling. The arrest followed a high-speed pursuit after the Mexican national refused to stop at an immigration checkpoint.

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Interstate 35 immigration checkpoint near Cotulla, Texas, observed a 2012 Mazda 6 attempting to avoid inspection by circumventing the checkpoint on July 21. When agents attempted to stop the Mazda, the driver failed to yield and led agents on a chase that ended south of Dilley, Texas, according to Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials.

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and deputies from the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the approximately 10-mile pursuit and eventually stopped the vehicle at mile marker 81.

Agents identified the driver as a Mexican national who received temporary protected status under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program. Officials also identified the three passengers as illegal immigrants to came to the U.S. from Mexico.

The agents placed all four people under arrest. The driver will likely face prosecution for human trafficking and could lose the DACA program’s protections. The passengers will likely face charges for immigration violations.

“The driver will likely face prosecution for human trafficking and could lose the DACA program’s protections.”  Let that sink in.  LIKELY face prosecution for human trafficking aka it’s not guaranteed.  COULD lose DACA program’s protections implying maybe they will not.  Given some of the other ridiculous crimes illegals have committed here and gotten away with it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if they got a slap on the wrist and that’s it.  The different sets of laws for citizens versus non-citizens here is what will lead to civil war.  It’s a sign of degenerate times we’re living in when at least one if not both of our main political parties fight tooth and nail much harder for citizens of other nations than for its own constituent.

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