Welcome to Spain

Over 700 sub-Saharan illegal aliens stormed the town of Ceuta, a Spanish territory in North Africa.  They broke through the border fence and used weapons such as homemade flamethrowers to enter the city.  Ceuta is a hub for Africans trying to reach Europe.  Via RT:

Some of them were cut with barbed wire while trying to climb the border fence, and others sustained broken bones. The scuffles also led to 15 border agents receiving injuries. Some agents were burnt as the migrants attacked them with homemade flamethrowers while trying to avoid arrest.

Migrants were also reportedly fighting off the border agents with sticks, quicklime and sprays containing fouls odor. The migrants appeared over the fence and “all of a sudden,”, some of them were pelting police with “plastic containers full of excrements and quicklime… stones and sticks”, the Civil Guard  said.

And the response?  Not the one you’d hope for, if you’re a Spanish citizen anyway.

According to the police union, migrants breaking through the fence “demonstrated that these problems are going to worsen if more Guardia Civil, and anti-riot and protection equipment, fail to arrive when the barbed wire is removed.” 

Asylum seekers have repeatedly tried to force their way into the Spanish exclave by storming a wired border fence. The attempted incursions often resulted in injures both among asylum seekers and police officers. In January 2017, crowds of migrants approached the 6-meter-high barbed wire border fence which police called a “well organized and violent” attempt. In February 2017, hundreds successfully crossed into Ceuta, kissing the ground and shouting “Viva Espana!”

Unless the fence is replaced with a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL, this will only spell disaster.  You can bet the chances of that are nil.  Here’s a nice little accompanying video from RT highlighting the vibrants adding to the local culture.


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