opinion piece: “Statehood would be an economic boon for Puerto Rico”

Gus Portela of wrote an opinion piece yesterday about how great it would be for Puerto Rico if they were to become the 51st state.  Once upon a time, people came to this country to work hard and make a life for themselves.  Today, and really since the disastrous immigration policy of 1965, it’s all been about what can the United States do for me?  Via the article:

The reality is, there’s only one path forward to address Puerto Rico’s current status: Statehood. Statehood would allow the island’s struggling economy to grow past a decade-long recession by allowing the territory the ability to pay down its debts and liabilities. Additionally, statehood would give investors new confidence in the future of Puerto Rico, which in turn would help advance the island’s economy. Even under Puerto Rico’s recent conditions of high debt combined with a shrinking economy, the Government Accountability Office estimated that Puerto Rican corporate and individual taxpayers would contribute an additional $6 to $10 billion in taxes to the United States government.

America was built on the idea of self-determination, a principle expressed in our founding documents that our men and women in uniform – many of them Puerto Ricans – defend every day. Puerto Ricans have made their views clearer and clearer as new referendums are held. The latest and fifth referendum recently held in 2017, showed an astounding 97% of those who voted favored Puerto Rico becoming a state. We should move past partisan politics and simply do what is right to help our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico have the tools they desperately need to grow their economy, repair infrastructure, and end their status as a colony.

To recap, this is the good that could be done for Puerto Rico if we made them a state.  Of course, the author is deceptive here in not showing the other side of the coin.  The comment section is much smarter.


America is drowning in self-flagellation and virtue signaling.  Everyone is looking for a handout from the United States.  And we’re shamed or guilted by every oppressed party or victim class into capitulation.  Anybody that tells you that we must let more people into our country because we were borne as a nation of immigrants (wrong) and we must let people in because reasons need to be gently remind them that the immigrants coming in at Ellis Island weren’t promised free handouts immediately upon arrival.  Welfare wasn’t a thing.  They knew they would have to work their asses off to make a life for themselves.  This simply isn’t the case anymore.  We have to make a choice.  Either we remain a welfare state and shut the borders completely, or we abolish welfare and open up immigration.  You cannot have it both ways.  The best option is option c.  End welfare and greatly reduce immigration to preserve what we do have here and stop hemorrhaging money into programs that steep us further in debt to people who are ungrateful for it and constantly yearn for more free handouts.

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