China gets it

Great article over at American Thinker about how China views President Trump.  Rightly so, they see him as a strategic and tactical genius.

Few Chinese think that Mr Trump’s primary concern is to rebalance the bilateral trade deficit. If it were, they say, he would have aligned with the EU, Japan and Canada against China rather than scooping up America’s allies in his tariff dragnet. They think the US president’s goal is nothing less than remaking the global order.

They think Mr Trump feels he is presiding over the relative decline of his great nation. It is not that the current order does not benefit the US. The problem is that it benefits others more in relative terms. To make things worse the US is investing billions of dollars and a fair amount of blood in supporting the very alliances and international institutions that are constraining America and facilitating China’s rise.

In Chinese eyes, Mr Trump’s response is a form of “creative destruction”. He is systematically destroying the existing institutions — from the World Trade Organization and the North American Free Trade Agreement to Nato and the Iran nuclear deal — as a first step towards renegotiating the world order on terms more favourable to Washington.

Once the order is destroyed, the Chinese elite believes, Mr Trump will move to stage two: renegotiating America’s relationship with other powers. Because the US is still the most powerful country in the world, it will be able to negotiate with other countries from a position of strength if it deals with them one at a time rather than through multilateral institutions that empower the weak at the expense of the strong.

My interlocutors say that Mr Trump is the US first president for more than 40 years to bash China on three fronts simultaneously: trade, military and ideology. They describe him as a master tactician, focusing on one issue at a time, and extracting as many concessions as he can. They speak of the skilful way Mr Trump has treated President Xi Jinping. “Look at how he handled North Korea,” one says. “He got Xi Jinping to agree to UN sanctions [half a dozen] times, creating an economic stranglehold on the country. China almost turned North Korea into a sworn enemy of the country.” But they also see him as a strategist, willing to declare a truce in each area when there are no more concessions to be had, and then start again with a new front.

It’s funny how everyone in the liberal West think President Trump is a clown; somebody who is stupid and got by on daddy’s dime.  As if they could turn a $1 million dollar loan into a billion dollar empire.  There really is the 2 standard deviation communication gap at play with most Americans.  Really low IQ people think President Trump is really dumb, because they are too dim to see what true genius looks like.  Most people agree people from the far East are on average higher IQ, and it’s no surprise that they recognize the genius of President Trump and take him seriously.

This is a magical time we’re living in.  We have just the right hero to take on the globalist Cabal, with the FU money required to not be bought, bribed, or blackmailed.  He has the composure and business acumen to make difficult decisions under the most high pressure situations, and a deep understanding and knowledge of the dark inner workings of the Cabal.  My hope is he inspires enough patriots to continue his work when he is gone, though I do fear he is just delaying an inevtiable collapse.  But that’s loser talk.  He needs all the help he can get.  The sacrifice he has made for his country and Western civilization will never be forgotten.

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