St Paul residents arming up

St Paul, Minnesota is traditionally not known as a hotbed for shootings.  That seems to be changing, as many residents are arming up due a summer crime spree.  Via

“They are so scared and to have 24 people in less than two-and-a-half months applying for permits to carry in one area is unheard of,” Gene said.

Dee Walsh told KSTP she’s lived in the North End neighborhood for 38 years and just this week she witnessed a gun incident at a nearby store and an even more frightening experience outside her home last summer.

“There were two cars shooting at each other at the end of the driveway,” Walsh said. “So, I had to run inside and check on my grandson and husband to make sure none of the bullets ended up in the house.”

Walsh said the situation has reached, for her family, a point of no return.

“In my neighborhood, it is gunshots every day. Night, or day, it doesn’t matter and we don’t even go into the backyard anymore, my garden is dying and we are moving,” Walsh said. “We are putting our house up for sale.”

Anyone should hesitate to draw conclusions, but some demographic data for Minnesota shows some revealing trends that may shine some light on the situation.  While these stats may be shocking (or not) or disturbing they still need to be shared and considered in the overall grand scheme.


Minnesota, like so many other parts of the country, is experiencing a significant change in their demographics.  Minnesota Compass has done a nice job amassing stats and providing trends.  Two in particular that stand out:

Minnesota is home to a smaller share of residents of color than many other states, but the pace of population growth among people of color is relatively quick. Among the 50 states, Minnesota continues to rank among the states with smaller shares of residents of color (38th). The state has seen 20 percent growth in its population of color since 2010 – tenth highest among states.


Since 2010, four regions have experienced a net loss of non-Hispanic white residents: Northland, Northwest, Southern, and Southwest. Net gains in residents of color in the Northwest and Southern regions have helped these regions maintain positive population growth. Net gains in residents of color in the other two regions have not been large enough to offset overall population decline.


Minnesota’s population is seeing a decline in non-Hispanic whites and a significant increase in persons of color.  African Americans and Hispanics in particular continue to make up a greater portion of the overall population.


Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but the noticeable increase in shootings coupled with the demographic change should give one pause.  It’s often said that diversity + proximity = war.  Perhaps the magic soil of America hasn’t worked its hocus pocus yet on the new population to create law abiding and productive members of society.  It won’t be very surprising how they explain away these statistics in order to shield the guilty parties, whomever they may be, but the more people wake up to what’s going on the better off we will all be.  I wonder why they just don’t make St Paul a gun-free zone?

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