A Broken System: Mexican Illegal Alien charged with sexual assault on 8 yr old girl, state stuck footing nearly $1 million medical bill

More news that should get your blood boiling.  Via The Salt Lake Tribune:

Gerardo Valerio-Romero was in Utah County custody, accused of repeatedly sexually abusing an 8-year-old relative, when he was diagnosed with cancer.


The day after the medical determination, the 49-year-old Mexican citizen was in LDS Hospital receiving cancer treatment, marking the start of an ongoing saga that exposed a rift between the county’s sheriff and its commission as well as medical bills that threaten to top $1 million.


Even at a discount, Valerio-Romero’s cancer treatments have drained the county jail’s medical budget. His case is set for trial early next month, and he’s caught the interest of federal immigration officials who will look at possibly deporting him if he’s acquitted. Until then, he’s in Utah’s court system, where his case is stalled and costs from his treatment continue to climb.

It should be noted he also faces eight felony charges related to forgery and one count of unlawful possession of another person’s ID.  So to recap: man sexually abuses 8 yr old girl, man gets arrested, man should be deported, but because of our insane laws on deportation and because he is in our custody we have to foot his insane medical bill.


Not only is this draining the police department’s budget but has driven the Sheriff to resign.  Everything about this case is a disaster and a microcosm of the bigger picture.  This guy shouldn’t even be here and he’s receiving better medical treatment than many Americans themselves can afford.  That alone is inexcusable.  Couple it with the fact that he may have sexually abused a child puts this into an entirely different realm.  And this, as I’ve stated many times before, is what will lead to Civil War.  Preferential treatment and shoddy laws that protect illegal aliens more than American citizens will not fly forever.  This will turn violent, sadly.

This is yet another reason President Trump’s comments have been vindicated regarding immediate deportation for illegals without going through an insane court process.  Given, Gerardo here wasn’t stopped at the border, he was already in the country.  But going through the process which really was intended for this nation’s citizens is insanely costly and causing real unrest in the local community for someone who doesn’t belong here in the first place.


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