Great job, Robert.

Phew.  The much anticipated Mueller investigation really shined today with the news of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen both found guilty.  To be clear, these two broke the law.  But again, the way this entire fiasco was treated would be COMPLETELY different if the shoe was on the other foot and there was a Democrat in office.  Granted, if HRC were in office, there would be no Russian investigation.

To recap: Mueller is put in charge to investigate Russian meddling in our election.  Today, the two men charged are for completely unrelated charges to anything having to do with Russian meddling.  Manafort’s charges were from crap from years ago.  The FBI investigated him in 2014 and didn’t press charges.  His only crime was joining the Trump campaign and now he is basically being convicted to look like something, anything, was done during the useless 2 year Mueller probe.

Isn’t it funny how the double standard presents itself yet again.  Michael Cohen violates campaign finance laws and gets a year in prison.  Dinesh D’Souza got time in prison for giving $15,000 more than he could, essentially because he made Obama look bad.  Think Rosie O’Donnell will be indicted for committing the same crime?  Some kind of consistency in charges and sentencing would be nice.  Maybe then half the country wouldn’t resent the other half.

The investigation better come to an end soon.  Nearly two years in and there’s not a shred of any evidence that there was any collusion between Trump and Russia.  And it’s obvious there will be none.  They had week and months with Manafort and Cohen and they had nothing to give.  There’s nothing there.  The only crap Mueller has accomplished is getting unrelated crimes punished or catching people on technicalities that have ZERO to do with any Trump/Russia connection.  End the damn thing now.  Too much taxpayer money is being spent on this fiasco and it’s tearing our country apart.

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