Fix your posture

Bad posture can be the result of bad habits (texting, for example) or just as readily from a poor mindset.  The kicker is that regardless of where it began, one can propagate the other.

The effects of bad posture run deeper than just poor aesthetics.  It was shown from a study in 2010 that men who stand in a collapsed position for 2 minutes had a decrease in testosterone and increase in cortisol, compared to a “power posture” which had the opposite effect of increased testosterone and decreased cortisol levels (Carney, D. R., Cuddy, A. J., & Yap, A. J. (2010). Power posing brief nonverbal displays affect neuroendocrine levels and risk tolerance. Psychological Science, 21(10), 1363–1368).  This also implies you can have a “fake it til you make it” attitude towards fixing or improving your posture.  Consciously working on fixing it will have the benefits heretofore mentioned.

People look at you differently when you walk tall versus walk hunched over and closed in.  You give off a different aura.  And there really is a positive feedback loop between good posture and confidence.  Mike Cernovich talks about this at length in his fantastic book Gorilla Mindset, using the example of a gorilla for his purpose.  Your mood most certainly changes for the better as you improve your posture, and the way you carry yourself has great importance.

It’s not necessary to know the minutiae of every biological process to benefit from it.  The takeaway is bad posture looks terrible, induces bad biological processes, and projects weakness.  Good posture literally improves your health, on top of looking more aesthetically pleasing and projecting confidence and strength.  Check out the video above for a few short exercises that work your C5-C8 vertebral bodies to improve the poor posture many people are developing from hunching over from texting.

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