More CNN Lies

The video below was recently shared with me and it’s worth posting on here.  This was one of those “Pulse of the People” episodes, entitled “Trump Voters Speak Out On His Presidency”.  While some of the people put on were likely actual Trump voters, one for sure was not.  Take a look for yourself.  The TLDR version is this guy is staunchly against President Trump, always has been, and pretended to be a Trump voter to get onto TV because, as he says himself, likes to act and appear on television.  A cursory look of his social media accounts by CNN would’ve easily uncovered this.  They are either willfully ignorant or saw it and just plain ignored it.  Either way this shows a stunning lack of even the most basic journalistic values of fact checking, and is more likely outright deception on the part of CNN, neither of which is acceptable by a so-called major “news” outlet.  Given the fact that none of their mistakes ever go in favor of President Trump it’s more likely that they knew he was lying and put him on anyways to further their agenda.

It’s this level of blatant lying and disingenuousness to push an agenda that entirely justifies the notion that the legacy media is an enemy of the people.  This is to drum up hate and discord.  To make it appear as if more people hate President Trump than actually do.  Couple this with the lies they peddle and omissions of good deeds done by the President and you have a situation where it’s clear they’re driving a specific narrative for their own benefit, not just objectively presenting the news, which everyone wants, and sadly many people think is still the case, so they blindly believe what they hear.

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