Because Californians aren’t taxed enough already…

More madness from California:

California’s Public Utilities Commission is considering a plan that would charge mobile phone users a fee for sending text messages, according to recent public law filings. 

The proposal is partially due to landline-era legislation coupled with the fact the people are shifting patterns away from voice calls in favor of texting.

California is determining whether surcharges and user fees on text messaging comply with Public Purpose Programs, which use tax revenue to make telecommunications services accessible to low-income residents. The programs, which date to the 1930s, were given a face-lift in the late 1990s, allowing individual states to impose requirements to preserve what’s referred to as a “universal service.”

During the rise of the internet, the telecommunications industry was able to elude these taxes by offering “information services” like email and web browsing.

However, as mobile phone users shifted their behavior away from making phone calls, voice call revenue for these state programs has dropped by about a third, from $16.5 billion in 2011 to $11.3 billion in 2017, according to law filings.

Meanwhile, the budget for subsidizing poorer users has risen by almost half, from $670 million in 2011 to $998 million in 2017, the filings said.

The wireless industry argues added fees would put carriers at a higher disadvantage since messaging services like Apple’s iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger would not be charged under the proposed legislation.

It never ends with this state.  But it is entirely unsurprising.  Like every socialist s***hole country California would tax the air you breathe if they could (don’t worry, that’ll come soon too).  As I wrote last week Californians are leaving in droves.  And you wonder why.

It is always far beyond the point of no return before failed states recognize that it’s too late to turn the ship around.  The parasites will suck you dry before letting up.  The middle class here cannot handle it anymore, hence why they are leaving in record numbers.  At what point will they realize it is a suicidal policy to continue to drain the middle class to help the “underprivileged” time and time and time and time and time and time again.  Perhaps the underprivileged should not be buying and using smartphones they cannot afford to maintain?  There’s a thought.  People somehow survived without smartphones before.  It is not a God given right to have one.

The more you strip away responsibility from a person the more you take away from their self worth.  What drive does a person have to do anything when the state gives you money, gives you food, pays your bills, makes you dependent.  That’s one of their ultimate goals anyways; to make everyone dependent on them for everything.  You are enslaved at that point.

Not only that, but policies like these are what continues to foster resentment and anger between the classes.  You think the middle class will want to continue this lunacy of giving people a free ride when they are struggling so much themselves to make ends meet?  Of course, they want to sow that discord.  That is entirely the point.

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