Now they can take your firearms on hearsay

Via a Fox News article earlier this week:

A middle school student in Vermont helped avert a possible school shooting after overhearing two classmates discussing bringing guns to campus, police say.

Investigators said a concerned parent from Middlebury Union Middle School called police on Saturday to inform them their child had expressed concern “over some conversation this student was privy to, where there was talk about using firearms to harm people in school.”

Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley told the Addison Independent on Tuesday that police and school officials immediately launched a probe into the allegation over the weekend.

“By early Monday, we had identified two people, one of whom had made a specific threat against a specific person in the school, with a date and time on when this was going to happen,” he told the newspaper.

He said the two 14-year-old students were planning to get guns from a relative and bring them to school on Tuesday.

“You had one juvenile making a very specific threat, another juvenile who was going to provide the guns for him to carry it out,” Hanley said. “There are relationship issues between all the people involved. We’re still getting through a lot of that.”

Prosecutors got an Extreme Risk Order and seized the guns from the relative’s home and police got the Vermont Department for Children & Families involved.

Hanley said more than 10 weapons were confiscated from the home, largely consisting of hunting rifles and handguns. He told the Independent he doesn’t believe any semi-automatic assault rifles or shotguns were among the confiscated weapons.

To recap:  student allegedly overhears two other students talking.  Student A wants to do harm to another student, C.  Student B is to get the firearms from a relative.

That alone appears to be all that was needed to confiscate this person’s firearms.  The relative, who had NOTHING to do with the entire incident, is now without firearms for who knows how long.

This story will be touted as a great example of “see something, say something” and as a crisis averted.  But the real story is how easy it is to take away someone’s firearms under totally unconstitutional grounds.  Again, the relative had nothing to do with the situation and unless the story is leaving something out posed no risk themselves to the threatened student in question.  Think about how dangerous a precedent this says.  There was no proof provided that what the initial student was even saying was an actual true story.  Does this mean I can allege I overheard a relative of Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi supposedly threaten someone with their guns and have their guns taken away?  Is this all it takes?

Obviously there is room to abuse this to disarm people.  It is not an overreaction to think that, especially given how under attack our second amendment rights are.

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