Private Charity

2018 was a great yet also tumultuous year in many respects.  The war between nationalists and globalists was more in the open than ever before and the pendulum has clearly begun to swing back towards nationalism.  This was most evident in Europe in particular.  This war has no official frontlines and spans all aspects of our lives, including both culturally and politically.  We’ve seen unprecedented pushback and obstruction in both these arenas.

As the moral fabric of our country continue to erodes and Christianity continues to become marginalized, so to do many of the virtues that go along with it.  Christians traditionally donate more to charities than those without a religious affiliation.  It’s likely that people are also less likely to give when the government forces supporting unconstitutional programs like the welfare system.

But it’s important now more than ever to support those things that have made Western civilization great.  Whether that’s donating to your local church, or supporting Western culture like the symphony, we must fight to preserve those things that make the West the west.  In addition to that, our freedoms are being attacked now more than ever.  “Dissident” voices are being silenced via deplatforming all across the internet.  Alternative media is being marginalized in favor of obedient outlets that support the official narrative.

So in this time of reflection over the past year, and in the Christian spirit of charity, consider donating monetarily to programs that support Western culture or to those who are fighting the good fight against the tyranny of the state and of Silicon Valley.  If not monetarily, there are many good programs where donating one’s time can be very valuable too, or even supporting your local community.  Below are a few suggestions of people you may consider supporting in 2019.

Freedomain Radio – Stefan Molyneux continually pumps out level headed podcasts about the topic du jour going on in the news.  His “The truth about…” podcasts are a great alternative take to what you’d likely here in the mainstream media.  And he does them at a very high frequency.

American Renaissance – Jared Taylor has been deplatformed from Twitter, but he is fighting not just for himself but for any person or group that has been permanently banned from Twitter for supporting views they do not agree with.  Whether you support American Renaissance’s ideas or not, we in the West have always valued the freedom of speech and the ability to share one’s ideas even if we do not agree with them.  This is vitally important.  Especially speech you may not agree with.  Consider donating to help their cause.

Steve Sailer – Steve writes for as well as a few other sites.  He’s not afraid to address topics that are off limits or now frowned upon.  Again, another voice offering a different perspective that is much needed these days.

Vox Day – Vox Day speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to say it.  You can see his pursuit of Truth and his Christian belief in all of his work.  Yet another who has been kicked off of Twitter for wrongthink, he is pushing back against the institutions that have been infested by social justice warriors.  What he’s done in the sci-fi literature world is now being done to the world of comic books too.  The link above will give you access to their publishing house and comic store.  Take a look.  His perspective and unique skillset are much needed for alt-tech going forward too.

More than anything else, fostering a Christian attitude of community and charity in these trying times is more important now than it’s been in a very long time.  Most people can feel that there is a divide in our society and the chasm only seems to be growing.  Spreading good cheer and trying to help our fellow brother and sister out may help to mend some of these differences.  Speaking the truth and doing what one knows is good is a good theme to continually keep in mind heading into 2019.

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