On Equality and Demographics

I am reading Martin van Creveld’s Equality: The Impossible Quest, which deals with the idea of equality and how it has tried to be implemented over the years.  The title reveals his conclusions.  This passage struck a chord given the similarities to the current situation in the United States.

Compared to the city-state in which Rome originated, and the chiefdoms in which all the rest did, empires were extremely un-egalitarian.  Indeed one could argue that inequality, often buttressed by alleged divine descent or mission and enforced by mighty armed forces as well as sophisticated bureaucratic structures, was precisely the factor that tied them together.  Some empires were remarkably long-lived – one need only think of ancient Egypt, China and Japan.  Others, such as those of Mesopotamia, and the Middle East as well as Mexico, succeeded each other.  Generally the more homogenous an empire, ethnically speaking, the longer it lasted, though nothing endures forever.  The life of even the most homogeneous empires was punctuated by so-called intermediate periods during which emperors lost control both over provinces and the men who governed them.  Such periods might last for decades, sometimes centuries.  Supposing civil war did not lead to a total collapse, the outcome was decentralization and feudalism.  Thus the line separating empire from feudalism was often a flexible one.  That explains why historians have so often wondered whether the term may or may not be applied to the Arab Middle East, Persia, India, and Japan in addition to Europe.

America is more or less an empire, and it is becoming increasingly clear that whatever we like to say about everyone being equal under the law that is not the case at all.  If you are part of the Cabal, perjury and treason are entirely acceptable without any consequences.  There is a very clear distinction in whom the law applies to and whom it does not.  I still hold out hope that President Trump will be able to drain the swamp and restore some semblance of order.

The other thing that is abundantly clear is that this experiment of diversity, throwing in way too many different groups of people with conflicting beliefs and ideas on how the government should be structured and run will not work and will only accelerate the collapse.  It is inevitable.  And while I do not think we will revert back to feudalism, it surely will result in a few smaller countries, likely divided by race, which is to say, back to the homogenous type society that made this country what it was in the first place.  When you realize the end result between immigration and war is the same thing, you will see that immigration is essentially war itself.

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