Reparations? Here’s an idea.

The 2020 Democratic primaries are going to be a circus.  A contest, to see who can virtue signal the most.  One of the more ridiculous ideas going around right now are reparations for slavery.  Because nothing says making things equal like taking money from people who had nothing to do with slavery to give to people who were not slaves.

When Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was asked whether he endorsed reparations for the descendants of slaves in the U.S. during a CNN town hall earlier this week, he responded with another question: “What does that mean?”

The Democratic presidential hopeful wasn’t soliciting moderator Wolf Blitzer for a quick dictionary break—although the Associated Press notes that the Democratic candidates have been trying to “embrace a new meaning” of the word.

“I’m not sure anyone’s very clear,” Sanders, who didn’t support reparationsduring his unsuccessful 2016 presidential bid, continued.

While several other 2020 Democratic hopefuls, including Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, have recently voiced support slavery reparations, what form those reparations would take is unclear.

Should reparations involve the literal payment of damages to the families of slaves? Or should those reparations be made, not through direct monetary compensation, but through policies that benefit black Americans to close opportunity gaps?

Maybe there is something to this, and maybe it can be fixed.  Make no mistake, it is an absurd idea to even broach the topic of reparations in any serious fashion.  Of course we shouldn’t have to pay a dime.  Only 5% of Americans ever owned slaves at its peak (here’s a normie source to confirm).  Nevertheless, slavery was the worst idea in American history, and in many ways has contributed to the downfall of America.  So when I say fixed, it has to be something that is reasonable, where both sides may come to an understanding, but also should benefit America given that nobody today has any obligation to pay anything to anyone with regards to reparations.

So here is an idea.  The whole Liberia thing didn’t really work out, and it wouldn’t be fair to just offer African-Americans a free one-way ticket back to Africa given that they never grew up there and it is not their home.  What if we gave them a country of their own, taken right from the land here in America?  Say, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama?  And what if we paid every African-American that went $100,000 to go and start a life there?  Might that be tempting and fair enough?


The estimated population in 2019 is ~330 million people, with roughly 13% of the population being African-American.  This would come out to roughly $4.3 trillion dollars.  If they really, truly, wanted reparations, this would be a great way to go.  They would not be able to argue anymore, given a large sum of money and land of their own.  As laid out in the Forbes article linked above, candidates like Marianne Williamson will never be happy with “race-conscious policies” no matter how favorable they are to African-Americans.  It will only continue to sow derision and contempt amongst the US population.  This way, with more money and a land of their own, they can run things however they want to run them, and only have themselves to blame if it all goes to shit.

Of course, this is a rough idea and a lot would need to be ironed out.  Surely many citizens in the areas being appropriated would want to leave, and would also require compensation to either stay or move back to another state.  So let’s round out the above estimate to $6 trillion.

So how would we pay for this?  Well, here’s a proposal for that as well.  Eliminate welfare.  Let it be known the links I post to this are all from normie sources so as not to think I am cherry-picking stats that would boost my case.  I’ll go back to Newsweek for this one that states that 2.8 million blacks were “lifted above the poverty line” by these programs, or over 20% of the entire black population.  25% of African-Americans were also on the SNAP program (food stamps).  These are probably the most conservative estimates that any mainstream news source would cite.  Of course they spin them a different way, in raw numbers rather than by percentage to say that more whites are on the program than blacks.  So yes, by the same article there were 6.2 million whites on welfare…out of just over 197 million non-Hispanic whites, which comes out to just over 3%.  Spin the elimination of welfare however you want.  Say that it is the only way to make this happen and right the wrong done to African-Americans or something like that.  If you search the internet many estimates say we spend $1 trillion A YEAR on welfare.  The Washington Post says that is BS…but it is the WaPo…and I can’t see what their estimate actually is because of their paywall.  Let’s go conservative again and say it’s half of that.  You could have the entire thing paid for in less than 20 years.

Put that way, it doesn’t seem like such a bad deal, does it?  We can give African-Americans a new start, with the ball in their court, to make a life for themselves however they want.  It may help erase the stain of slavery and what it did to this country.  And maybe it will even alleviate the (wildly misplaced) white Christian guilt so many have.

The effects are obviously so much larger than that though.  Multi-racial tension is tearing America apart.  This would be a solution that truly has a chance of fixing the country in a non-violent fashion.  As things currently stand civil war is nearly inevitable.  The racial tensions will only continue to rise.  This should certainly alleviate that and also give African-Americans mentally a chance to feel like they finally hold their own destiny in their own hands.  Or at the very least, we will have removed any and all remaining excuses that they can use.

And by the way, this same approach could probably work for Hispanics as well.  When they inevitably demand something similar, though far less deserving than even the undeserved demands made by some of these Democratic hopefuls, let’s do something similar.  Hispanics are taking over the Southwestern part of the country already.  Let’s give Southern California and New Mexico to Mexico and build a gigantic 80 foot wall (50 feet above ground, 30 feet below) to cordon off the Southwest after that.  Given their desire to maintain their Mexican, or central, or south American heritages, the nice weather and being amongst their own people should be enough incentive for many if not a majority of Hispanics to move out of the rest of the country to this new land.  Would anyone really miss the den of vipers that is Los Angeles at this point anyways?

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