Time to build our own communities

As the country continues to fracture and the thought police continue to crack down on the Internet it is clear that rather than wallowing in our own self-pity we need to start making our own communities.  Owen Benjamin’s YouTube account was recently completely demonetized even though he had no strikes against him.  Later they retracted two month’s worth of super chat money as well.  This  has been occurring all over the place.  Deplatforming Alex Jones was just the beginning.  Sites like Liveleak and zerohedge are being blocked in New Zealand, as well as 8chan, after the shooting.  And Twitter is even blatantly shadowbanning 100% accurate tweets to cover the likes of Obama and HRC.

It’s not going to get any better.  A site like YouTube, while I’m sure they like making money, it is not absolutely necessary when you have a company like Google paying your bills.  Controlling the narrative and policing content to control the way people think is far more important to them.  Wait until the election hysteria really starts to ramp up.

The point is rather bitch and moan about how unfair it is, it really is time to make our own communities, both on the Internet and in day-to-day living.  We see what happens when a high trust society is fractured with immigration and multiculturalism.  Trust breaks down, societal norms break down, common courtesy, all of it.  Communities fall apart, neighbors don’t even talk to each other, and nobody trusts anybody.  There is no sense of civic responsibility.  Cities degrade into filth.  We all end up living in our own little bubbles and scurrying to our Internet communities to get what we’ve been missing, and that is disintegrating as well.

It is time to prepare and build.  Move to a community of people you trust and are comfortable to be around.  Foster relationships.  Geographically live in a place you connect to, especially before the shit hits the fan.  The same goes for the Internet.  Alt-tech is already blossoming, but we need to support it.  Rather than cry all day Owen has already moved to unauthorized.tv, a site for the “misfits” that have been banned from other sites.  You can support them directly and feel good knowing you’re not contributing to the Silicon Valley leviathan.  These companies will die off as more people leave.  They do a great job demoralizing us, thinking that we have no other option.  We do.  It is easy to forget we are a majority.

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