Italian teenager murdered by Nigerian migrant was likely dismembered while still alive

We need to start using better rhetoric to fight this faulty notion that we are doing some good by letting migrants into our countries.  The globalist media isn’t afraid to show dead babies to spark migrant caravans en masse.  Staying silent isn’t good enough anymore.  It takes courage to speak our convictions, speak the truth, and stand up for what is right, especially when it isn’t the popular opinion.  Via

One of the most nauseating revelations to emerge from the trial for the murder of 18-year-old Italian Pamela Mastropietro is that she was likely to have been dismembered while still alive.

The horrifying reports come following court testimony given by Vincenzo Marino, a key witness in the trial of Nigerian drug pusher Innocent Oseghale who on trial for the brutal murder the young girl last year, Il Giornale reports.

Mastropietro’s mother claims that her 18-year-old daughter had become estranged from the family and had become addicted to drugs following a brief relationship with a Romanian man.

Marino, the key witness in the case, had been incarcerated at the same time as Oseghale and claimed to have overhead him admit to and give details about the murder.

According to the sworn testimony given by Marino, the Nigerian drug dealer stabbed the Italian teen immediately after raping her. Marino said, “They had a fight, they pushed, Oseghale stabbed her in the liver and after a first stab Pamela fell to the ground.”

The witness added that following the initial stabbing, Oseghale left the scene of the crime to summon another man to assist him in the disposal of Mastropietro’s body. After he ‘returned home, convinced him that Pamela was dead and started dismembering from the foot.’

It’s thought that the Nigerian man stabbed the girl once more after she tried to cry out for help.

As stated by Marino, Oseghale didn’t name who his accomplice was. “He had washed [the body]with bleach because it would not have been known if she had died of an overdose or murdered,” Marion professed.

“He said there was a sack in the fridge to put the pieces in, but they did not fit in there and that he had to cut it and put it in two suitcases,” the key witness added.

A Nigerian migrant providing his talents as a drug dealer to the people of Italy.  Italy will be the first of the European countries to deport migrants in substantial numbers, and importantly start a wave of actual repatriation.  Matteo Salvini is one of the few politicians who actually seems to care about his people.  He will be an important force in helping to fix Europe.  Again, the time of biting one’s tongue when the other side rails on us about having to be more compassionate to those in third world countries or whatever rhetoric they want to use has passed.  Stand up for what you believe.  Nobody said telling the truth would be easy or comfortable.

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