He’s catching on

A tweet from Stefan a few days ago:

It has been a joy to follow Stefan on his journey to truth.  Soon enough, if he continues down the path and is honest with himself, he will finally conclude that Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

This is something that more people are beginning to discover, and are noticing a glaring lack thereof in our country these days.  Christianity is the main pillar of Western Civilization.  We have seen over the past generation, and especially in the past couple of decades, an erosion of trust in this country.

High trust societies come from a shared bond between its people and from a higher calling.  Stated more simply, it is generally easier to have trust amongst people when they share a common language, a common heritage, and a common culture.  When deracinated people from all over the globe are thrown together in the United States, trust begins to erode.  There is no commonality.  Look at any big city.  For those who live in large apartment buildings, how many of your neighbors do you actually know?  The incentive to even try is often hampered when the people living next to you don’t even speak English.  This is the reality of the country we are living in today.

Now couple this with the moral imperative to do the right thing.  America fundamentally requires Christianity to survive in anything like it once was.  If this is to be a Western country, Christianity is the most important ingredient.  We’ve been peddled a lie.  The lie is that everyone is inherently good, that people are generally good.  The reality is that we’ve been living in a Christian society for hundreds of years, and once many people willingly walked away from Christ there is a lag effect where we still feel remnants of that Christian upbringing.  But eventually that does fade away.  This was one of the fundamental issues with Nietzsche’s philosophy.  He lived in a highly Christian civilization and on some level took that for granted and assumed people would behave largely the same way once that was removed.  We are experiencing that today as well.  But after decades of erosion this has been chipped away at too.  When there is no higher moral imperative to tell the truth for truth’s sake, people will find myriad ways to justify to themselves why they should be able to bend the truth.  It happens everywhere.  Criminals justify their behavior in this way.  Scientists do it too.  Money and grants drive a lot of scientific results, not the truth.  This is a particularly nefarious one as we inherently trust scientists and assume they are following the scientific method at all times when in reality science has a reproducibility crisis.  Lying in politics needs no further explanation.

When a high trust society no longer becomes a place of trust amongst its people, it descends into a 3rd world shithole.  Sadly, this shouldn’t be that surprising given our current immigration policy and the relentless attack on Christianity in this country.  Hope is not lost, but more people need to wake up to the fact that the wool is being pulled over our eyes by a force far greater than most people realize.  It comes in many forms and is hardly ever obvious to the uninitiated or those who have been blind most of their lives.  Pray for the wisdom to discern evil, and for the willpower to stay away from it when it has been identified.

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