Anybody else have a problem with Johnson & Johnson using known pedo logos on a website for baby massages?

Symbology matters.  They like to rub it in your face.  They hide in plain sight.  Go down the Jeremiah Cohen rabbithole if you want to see his well documented videos on symbology in Hollywood.  It’s more than a little disturbing that Johnson and Johnson put out this weird guide on how to massage babies, but even more startling is the obvious pedo imagery being used.


You can look up the FBI list of known pedophile symbols anywhere but this link from wikileaks does a good job of showing some of them.


This isn’t a stretch.  It is not looking too deep into it.  It is not a coincidence these symbols come up again and again with many of the people and places involved with pizzagate.  Child sex trafficking and abuse are very real, and very evil.  Sadly too many want to turn away and pretend that pizzagate could not possibly be real.  Really.  They’d rather cover their eyes and ears and hope for the best rather than look into it.  You’d think the ritual abuse and murder of children people would prefer to be TOO thorough and go over the top to investigate, not the opposite.  Makes ya wonder, huh.

A lot of dark, heinous, shit will come out in this Epstein trial.  Do not look away.  It will be unpleasant, but our society has let this go on far too long and far too many children have suffered because of it.  The people involved in the abuse and the coverup must be brought to justice.  And we have a duty to let the NPCs who voted these demons into office what they have done and what has resulted from it.

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