They play the game better

You have to tip your cap to the leftist traitors.  They simply do a better job getting their points across, and even while a minority still control the bitches in Congress on the so-called right.  More capitulation, treason, and cowardice from the RINOs.  Via Fox News:

House Republicans have revised the compromise bill to include a provision loosening rules that now limit the amount of time minors can be held to 20 days. Under the legislation, children could be detained with their parents for extended periods.

The revised provision also would give the Department of Homeland Security the authority to use $7 billion in border technology funding to pay for family detention centers, said a House Republican source.

Fact: it is not our fault that children are being separated by their parents.  It is entirely on the parent’s who break the law and bring their children into this dangerous situation.  The left has spun this to perfection, putting these coward RINOs on their heals backpedaling and scrambling to revise this as if it’s our problem.  Yes, loosen the rules, that’ll show ’em!  Even better, let’s take money away from border technology funding to pay for family detention centers so these poor invaders can stay together.  Pure lunacy.

Paul Ryan and his dogshit bill need to go.  Congressman Jim Jordan, a far more reasonable man trying to stick to his word, has got it right.  Via Breitbart:

The House will vote on two immigration bills this week, an amnesty bill supported by Speaker Paul Ryan and the Trump-endorsed bill sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA).

The Ohio Republican then explained why conservatives support the Goodlatte bill over the Ryan amnesty bill, saying that “it’s the one that done with what’s consistent with the election. It says it will build the border security wall, end chain migration, stop the visa lottery, deal with sanctuary cities, reform the asylum law — right down the list of everything we know needs to happen and move to a merit-based [immigration system] and then we will deal with the DACA population.”

As for the Ryan bill, Jordan said, “I think they deal some good things on border security, I don’t think they go far enough with what we told the American people we were going to do. That’s the fundamental thing, that we keep our word and do what we can and campaigned on. That’s Chairman Goodlatte’s legislation.”

Congressman Jordan continued, “The Speaker’s legislation does not deal with sanctuary cities, doesn’t have E-Verify, and frankly doesn’t deal with the chain migration issue in the thorough way that I think it should be dealt with in Chairman Goodlatte’s legislation. It also says that the DACA population is expanded from those who just signed up for the DACA deferred action back when President Obama issued the executive order. … It has some good things in it but I don’t think it’s consistent with the full mandate that we told the American people we were going to do if they made Donald Trump and put Republicans in control of the House and the Senate.”

“It never hurts to keep your promises and keep your word,” the former House Freedom Caucus chairman said.

We’ll see how this all shakes out.  President Trump seems to be sticking to his guns, and God bless him for it.  Again, they’ve totally spun this in their favor.  The momentum needs to be shifted back on the fact that these are INVADERS plain and simple.  The vast majority of them are falsely seeking asylum.  True compassion is protecting our border to protect our citizens.  Many of whom have been raped and killed by people who shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

The moral authority on immigration

There’s nobody I love getting lectured by more when it involves separating children from parents than Planned Parenthood:


“Keeping families together is reproductive justice.”  Says the same organization that literally sold body parts from aborted babies.  It still shocks me, though I don’t know why, at the level of stupidity of the people arguing that we’re tearing children away from their parents.  Here’s a thought: if you don’t want to get separated from your children don’t break into a country?  Pure lunacy.  Should I be outraged when I rob a bank and give the money to my kids and they take the money away from them too?  Do I deserve to be outraged when I’m separated from my kids when I’m thrown in jail because of it?

Supreme Court rules in favor of Ohio to purge voter rolls

Common sense here, and it needs to happen everywhere.  Via AP:

States can target people who haven’t cast ballots in a while in efforts to purge their voting rolls, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a case that has drawn wide attention amid stark partisan divisions and the approach of the 2018 elections.

By a 5-4 vote that split the conservative and liberal justices, the court rejected arguments in a case from Ohio that the practice violates a federal law intended to increase the ranks of registered voters. A handful of other states also use voters’ inactivity to trigger processes that could lead to their removal from the voting rolls.

But, the libs are up in arms anyways.

The four liberal justices dissented, and civil rights groups and some Democrats warned that more Republican-led states could enact voter purges similar to Ohio’s.

Ohio is of particular interest nationally because it is one of the larger swing states in the country with the potential to determine the outcome of presidential elections. But partisan fights over ballot access are playing out across the country. Democrats have accused Republicans of trying to suppress votes from minorities and poorer people who tend to vote for Democrats. Republicans have argued that they are trying to promote ballot integrity and prevent voter fraud.

Think about who the real racists are here.  So what you’re saying is minorities aren’t capable of fulfilling even the barest of minimum requirements?  This is essentially their argument for why we shouldn’t have voter ID either.

Given the number of cases of alleged voter fraud, or dead people voting, this is common sense reform.  There is zero downside to doing this if the goal is free and fair elections.  If you want to vote, you should care enough to fill out the damn card they send in the mail.  If you throw it out, as was one of the arguments in the article, maybe you shouldn’t be voting in the first place?  It’s not asking the world of someone to do a little research and put a little effort in to vote for our elected officials.

Alea iacta est

It is rather fitting that The Western Front’s first official post comes on the 74th anniversary of D-Day, given the aim of this site. It will be a continual work in progress, with contributions mainly from me but others with more expertise in certain areas than I have as well. And so I start with something of a mission statement for the aim of the site, which will also remain in a similar but more permanent form in the mission link of the menu.

We are fighting a war for our very existence. There is a battle raging for the future of Western civilization, not divided on political lines such as Republican versus Democrat but by nationalists versus globalists. It is usually cold, but can (and has) turn hot at any moment. We need to be prepared, and do our part to try and avoid a hot war if it’s at all possible.

This war has come and gone for years, and the enemy has veiled itself in different forms many times, but it has always essentially been the same. Today’s globalists were yesterday’s communists; usually one in the same, just rebranded and hiding it better.

This war is fought on many fronts, and comes in many forms. We aim to expose these battles, in their many forms, over its many fronts. Whether it’s the cultural war and the cultural Marxism infiltrating our institutions, control and manipulation in the guise of environmentalism, through the media, infiltration in politics, religion, radical feminism, social justice, or the warping of our future generations via the educational system, one must first identify the problem to root it out and begin to fix it.

But identification of the problem isn’t enough. We need to be strong enough to vigorously root it out, and prevent it from taking root again. Much like your garden-variety weed, pulling it out once isn’t enough. It must be constantly maintained. And therein has been the problem for the West for years now. We have become too comfortable, too complacent, too soft. We’ve allowed these destructive influences to become too firmly entrenched and to seriously threaten our way of life and what our ancestors for generations before us have fought and died to create and preserve. To let it slowly die away and do nothing about it would be the real tragedy.

We need to be well prepared and as strong as possible, both for the cold war already raging, and also the hot, if necessary. This means we must be of sound mind and body. We need to be well read, physically imposing, smart with our use of time, and intimately familiar with our enemies and how they operate so as to attack their weaknesses and root them out. And that is the two-pronged aim here at The Western Front: to identify and discuss the enemies attacking our way of life, and to improve ourselves to be fit and ready for the fight, in all its forms. This includes mindset, philosophy, fitness, nutrition, finance, self-defense, and many other areas we need to be knowledgeable and proficient in to come out victorious. Enjoy the adventure and be active in the fight. There is no cause more important, both for us, and for our future generations.