We are fighting a war for our very existence. There is a battle raging for the future of Western civilization, not divided on political lines such as Republican versus Democrat but by nationalists versus globalists. It is usually cold, but can (and has) turn hot at any moment. We need to be prepared, and do our part to try and avoid a hot war if it’s at all possible.

This war has come and gone for years, and the enemy has veiled itself in different forms many times, but it has always essentially been the same. Today’s globalists were yesterday’s communists; usually one in the same, just rebranded and hiding it better.

This war is fought on many fronts, and comes in many forms. We aim to expose these battles, in their many forms, over its many fronts. Whether it’s the cultural war and the cultural Marxism infiltrating our institutions, the active effort to remove Christianity from the West altogether, control and manipulation in the guise of environmentalism, through the media, infiltration in politics, religion, radical feminism, social justice, or the warping of our future generations via the educational system, one must first identify the problem to root it out and begin to fix it.

But identification of the problem isn’t enough. We need to be strong enough to vigorously root it out, and prevent it from taking root again. Much like your garden-variety weed, pulling it out once isn’t enough. It must be constantly maintained. And therein has been the problem for the West for years now. We have become too comfortable, too complacent, too soft.  We have tolerated evil, perversion, and degeneracy for so long that they have become normalized.  We’ve allowed these destructive influences to become too firmly entrenched and to seriously threaten our way of life and what our ancestors for generations before us have fought and died to create and preserve. To let it slowly die away and do nothing about it would be the real tragedy.

We need to be well prepared and as strong as possible, both for the cold war already raging, and also the hot, if necessary. This means we must be of sound mind and body. We need to be well read, physically imposing, smart with our use of time, and intimately familiar with our enemies and how they operate so as to attack their weaknesses and root them out. And that is the two-pronged aim here at The Western Front: to identify and discuss the enemies attacking our way of life, and to improve ourselves to be fit and ready for the fight, in all its forms. This includes mindset, philosophy, fitness, nutrition, finance, self-defense, and many other areas we need to be knowledgeable and proficient in to come out victorious.  Enjoy the adventure and be active in the fight. There is no cause more important, both for us, and for our future generations.