Handel: Zadok the Priest

A little music for your weekend listening pleasure.  German composer (later a naturalized subject of Britain) George Frederick Handel composed Zadok the Priest for the coronation of King George II in 1727.  It has been sung before the coronation of every British monarch since then.  Great Britain has changed much since then, unfortunately trending downwards for the last 50+ years.  It could do them a lot of good to look inward to their own past and get some semblance of pride and gratitude for what their ancestors did to build up their great nation, which they are so wastefully throwing away now.



Referencing Napoleon in my last post inspired me to post Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony.  Rumored to be originally dedicated to Napoleon until he made himself emperor, it is a titan of a work and a crowning achievement of Western culture.  Here’s Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic, and for a great little additional feature also linked to a breakdown of this with Bernstein explaining in more detail.  Truly a great listen.