SJWs always project

Asia Argento is in the news for a settlement over a sexual relationship she had with a minor back in 2013.  Via the NY Times:

The Italian actress and director Asia Argento was among the first women in the movie business to publicly accuse the producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. She became a leading figure in the #MeToo movement. Her boyfriend, the culinary television star Anthony Bourdain, eagerly joined the fight.

But in the months that followed her revelations about Mr. Weinstein last October, Ms. Argento quietly arranged to pay $380,000 to her own accuser: Jimmy Bennett, a young actor and rock musician who said she had sexually assaulted him in a California hotel room years earlier, when he was only two months past his 17th birthday. She was 37. The age of consent in California is 18.

That claim and the subsequent arrangement for payments are laid out in documents between lawyers for Ms. Argento and Mr. Bennett, a former child actor who once played her son in a movie.

The documents, which were sent to The New York Times through encrypted email by an unidentified party, include a selfie dated May 9, 2013, of the two lying in bed. As part of the agreement, Mr. Bennett, who is now 22, gave the photograph and its copyright to Ms. Argento, now 42. Three people familiar with the case said the documents were authentic.

So she was 20 years older than him, he was a minor, and what adds to this grossness is she played his mother in a movie prior.  He was 7 when he was cast in it.  I say gross given how she was referring to him on her Instagram posts.  What’s a little incest fantasy mixed in with some underage sex?

If you haven’t read Vox Day’s fantastic SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police I highly recommend it.  The third law is SJWs always project and this is a prime example of that.  It’s highly likely, and even probable, that many within any of these movements, #metoo in this case, are themselves sexual predators looking to virtue signal to cover up their own proclivities.

As the article mentions Asia was a loud proponent of the #metoo movement and one of the first to attack Harvey Weinstein.  Styxhexenhammer666’s video below has a nice take on this as well, where one can be a victim and a predator.  They are not mutually exclusive.

One thing that rubs most people the wrong way is how the left virtue signals so loudly and claims to be the moral authority on so many things but many times they are the ones perpetuating the problem.  It is partially a defense mechanism, as explained above.  Part of it is control through shame and public outcry.  But these are clearly broken people from a moral standpoint.  Asia likely is a victim herself.  And there are cases where someone can become so broken they end up committing the same crimes that were committed against them.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on in Hollywood and a LOT of bigger, far worse things will be coming out soon enough.  For those who do not want to hide from the truth and want to go down the rabbit hole a bit I recommend Neon Revolt’s website which goes into more detail on the debauchery in Hollywood and always talks a lot about what Q is posting and how to discern it.  It’s a fascinating read if nothing else.

What often goes missed in this whole #metoo outcry is that many of these victims said absolutely nothing about it after the fact.  Instead of reporting to the police, they chose silence.  They chose to pay the price to make millions of dollars, and knowingly through omission enabled these monsters to prey on many other men, women, and children for who knows how long.  And once you choose silence and money over reporting, you become a part of the problem and in some twisted form are part of their group now.  My sympathy for someone only goes so far when after their abuses they were still making millions of dollars and allowing this awful cycle to continue.

Out In the Open

Perhaps one of the biggest revelations over the past 2+ years that hasn’t been talked about too much is the very fact that whatever you want to call them, The Deep State, the Cabal, etc etc are out in the open.  Five years ago you’d be laughed out of the room and called a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist for even mentioning anything remotely different than the official narrative.  Now, a lot of people trust Alex Jones more than the MSM.  Rightfully so.  And you are no longer laughed at given how many things have been confirmed.

This is honestly probably the biggest problem the Deep State has.  It’s no longer a very tiny fringe minority of people who believe there are un-elected forces running the country and the world.  And now that they’ve been largely exposed, it’s impossible to shut the lid on this ever again.

This obviously isn’t some great revelation but the Internet has changed everything.  It’s weened people off mainstream media to get news.  It’s awakened a ton of people to untold truths and given an outlet for people to vent, share information, and red pill normies.  Now, a majority of Russians think a secret global government exists.  Populist movements are on the rise.  And with more exposure comes more boldness.  Previously untouchable people are being outed for their heinous crimes.  Harvey Weinstein and the whole #metoo movement stuff never would’ve happened five years ago.  It couldn’t.  And that is very much only the tip of the iceberg, and rated G compared to other shit going on there.

Defending our way of life is no easy task, and not for everybody.  It is the most noble effort you can embark on.  There are true patriots in the anon movement, on the chans, doing the ridiculous amount of grunt work and digging to unearth all of this information.  It’s just as important to share it.  Do not assume that because you’ve read it on your site(s) of choice that there’s no point in re-sharing it.  It’s part of the reason this website exists.  Your sphere of influence is different than everyone else’s, and you can get entirely different swaths of normies to wake up to what’s going on behind the scenes.

If you’re looking to dive in, or dip a toe, r/greatawakening isn’t a terrible place to start. is another.  Just be warned.  You can venture down a dark rabbit hole.  One that many are afraid to confront.  But turning away would be worse.  The Deep State is out in the open now, and they will fight literally to the death to try and keep their secrets hidden.  They control everything.  Hollywood is but one of the many industries they control.  The disgusting stuff they do to keep people in line and obedient is abhorrent.  They know that they would be finished if the normal populace ever discovered what they were doing.


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