The Starbucks Experiment

Starbucks announced this past week that it’d be closing 150 stores in “densely populated urban areas” next year.  Via the Washington Times:

Mr. Johnsonacknowledged that the decision to shut down 8,000 U.S. stores on May 29 for anti-bias training, driven by the high-profile arrests of two black men in Philadelphia, played a role in the company’s sluggish second-quarter performance.

“In this current quarter, certainly we had an unplanned initiative driven out of the Philadelphia incident, we closed all our stores for training, we had to delay some marketing, but none of that is an excuse,” Mr. Johnson told CNBC. “The fact is the way I think about a growth company at scale is we’ve got to deliver consistent growth, month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year. And we have not done that.”

The free market is a beautiful thing.  Not only has it given humanity the greatest wealth ever in recorded history, but it can serve as an experiment for other aspects of life as well.  Take, for example,  a for-profit company, whose primary objective is to serve its stockholders and make profit.  What happens when said company changes its primary objective to social justice instead of making profit?  What happens when appeasement is practiced instead of deterrence?  Well, the case is clear here.  Rather than take a stand against the two men loitering in their store, they instead went the appeasement route.  They literally opened their doors to who knows how many vagrants and undesirables in their stores.  Now, they have to worry about not only people taking up seats and tables that should be for paying customers only, but also the bathrooms, sometimes for drug use.  This, in turn, has required stores to have to consider an additional position for the sole purpose of monitoring bathroom use.

CNBC analyst Jim Cramer, who owns a restaurant in Brooklyn, asked Mr. Johnson how Starbucks can meet its targets when many stores may need to add employee shifts to keep a closer eye on restrooms.

“I know that when we have bathrooms that are not clean, when we have people who want to use the bathroom, and yes, they are not going to pay, I totally get that, but we have to add a shift member, and it hurts our profitability,” said Mr. Cramer. “I cannot believe that the licensees didn’t see that, too.”

He added, “No one wants to add a shift member because it costs too darn much. KJ, how are you going to keep costs down if you have to add a shift member?”

Starbucks is planning to open 400 stores next year in addition to the 150 they are closing down.  The ones that are being closed down are in urban areas, and the 400 new ones are in “unpenetrated markets” instead of “urban locales”.  Hmmm, what do heavily populated urban areas have in much greater abundance than suburban markets?  Less homeless people you say?

I know this is probably too abstract a concept for the average libtard to grasp, but we’ll try anyways.  Imagine Starbucks were the United States.  Imagine the United States capitulated and changed their immigration policy to allow anyone and everyone in because muh feelings or whatever the pearl clutching point of the day is.  Think of all the extra money, labor, security, and infrastructure that is needed to support the new hordes of people clamoring to enter our country.  Think of how unfair this is to the citizens (customers) who pay (taxes) and who have the right to stay and live and work in this country.  Consider what this does to our national debt, how it weakens the US dollar, and how that has long term ripple effects elsewhere as well.  The primary objective of the United States government is to its constituents, the citizens of the United States.  Period.  Starbucks virtue signaled HARD and they’re paying the price for it in a stock hit and closing stores in areas where this stupid policy would have the most effect.  We too will pay a hard price if we continue to go the virtue signaling path.  An unrecoverable path if we do not fix this problem.  Soon.  Now.

Teacher forced to resign for refusing to abide by the SJW transgender narrative

An Indiana teacher was forced to resign because he wouldn’t call students whatever gender pronouns they were feeling that day.  He committed the crime of respecting biology.  Via the Federalist:

Local public officials have so far refused to publicly discuss the policies they put into place at the beginning of 2018 that John Kluge says led to his resignation in May. Brownsburg Community School Corporation, the district that employed Kluge, put out a transgender policy document in January instructing staff to call students by their chosen names and pronouns once they are so designated on school records. Kluge opted instead to address students by their last names to avoid either referring to his apparently several transgender students with pronouns and names of the opposite sex, or offending them by not doing as they wished despite its contradiction of reality.

That wasn’t good enough. At the school board meeting, students accused Kluge of saying that transgender persons “are not an actual human being” and “actively disrespect[ing]” them for not using opposite-sex pronouns to describe them.

“Mr. Kluge’s religious beliefs have absolutely no place in a public high school. I think what he believes is morally just conflicts with what not only I believe, [but] what my parents believe, what my psychiatrist, therapist and doctor believe and the school board believe are morally just,” said student Aidyn Sucec. Kluge’s beliefs are not merely moral, but also scientific. Scientifically, there are only two sexes. “Gender” is a linguistic term for a non-physical concept.

Everyone should respect the wishes of this student.  Her (his?) beliefs supersede that of Mr Kluge’s, clearly.  I mean, c’mon.  Even her psychiatrist thinks so!

As I’ve said before, these people are sick and deserve our compassion and help.  One way to help them is to not indulge in their fantasies.  We are told to respect them for who they are, but they don’t even respect themselves for who they were.  But it all makes total sense in this SJW infested world.

If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police and the sequel SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice), both of which add so much incite into how these things happen.  Part of the grand globalist strategy is to infiltrate our education system and infect our kids with 12+ years of indoctrination into their sick ideas and beliefs.  This case is a prime example.  Notice how the parents of children at this school reacted when they discovered this transgender policy was very quietly put in in the first place:

Parents Flood Board Meeting: ‘Why Weren’t We Notified?’

The school district’s policy document says students may change their sex designation and name on school records with parental permission and “a letter from a health care professional.” It also says teachers and staff who refer to such children with the pronouns and name that correspond to their biological sex will be liable for unspecified professional consequences if the teacher did so on purpose or  more than once.

“lt is the employee’s professional responsibility to follow the expectations and guidelines” of the school district, the document says several times. ” lt is our expectation that teachers use the pronoun associated with the gender as it appears in PowerSchool. lf they/them is requested, we expect that pronoun to be used as well,”  the document says.”

More than 200 parents flooded the local school board meeting Monday at which Kluge was allowed the usual two minutes to plead his case. “Many of the parents at Monday night’s meeting said they were unaware that this accommodation was in place for transgender students and are uncomfortable with its implications for their children,” reported the Indianapolis Star. “Landon Chapman said he’s not comfortable with students who were born male being able to use the same female restroom as his daughter. ‘Why is it that parents weren’t notified?’ he asked the board.”

During the two-hour public comment period, school board members merely thanked people for their comments and refused to talk about the district’s pro-transgender policies, which include allowing students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. The district’s policy document says their policies are a direct result of court decisions and federal regulations.

Yet courts have so far handed down mixed decisions on transgender students and the Trump administration rescinded the Obama administration’s push for transgender preferences in public schools. Most courts forcing transgender policies on schools are reinterpreting the word “sex” inside the federal Title IX law to mean “self-description of gender” instead, despite the lack of precedent or sense for doing so.

This is how it happens.  They creep in slowly and quietly and it’s a gradual takeover.  As with the parents above, once this was made public there was an outcry.  This is why we need to constantly out this crap and make it known for all to see.