Tucker Carlson is a good man

Tucker Carlson has consistently been putting out fantastic monologues recently on difficult issues nobody else in the mainstream media is willing to discuss.  His reach within the normie community cannot be understated and really highlights why it’s so vitally important to have him bringing up these issues.  His monologue on the seizure of white South African farms prompted President Trump to tweet about it.


This past week he had another monologue hammering home the absurd idea that’s been jammed down our throats that diversity is our strength.  We’ve all been wondering how exactly diversity is our strength, and now Tucker has planted the seed of that thought in the minds of millions of mainstream Americans.

The cultural war will only be won with a majority of Americans on our side.  Tucker is getting millions to question the narrative the globalists have been pushing HARD.  The tides are turning, but it is certainly not guaranteed and there is a very long way to go.  But there are glimmers of hope in what’s going on right now, slow as the changes may be.  Notice whenever Tucker has these monologues, or questions the guests he has on these ideas.  He does not let up.  He does not let them off the hook.  And their floundering makes it abundantly obvious they know they are peddling lies and don’t have a leg to stand on.

South Africa begins seizing white-owned farms

This will not end well.  And it may be the canary in the coalmine of things to come for whites everywhere.  Via Express:

SOUTH AFRICA’s government has begun seizing land from white farmers, targeting two game farms in the northern province of Limpopo after talks with the owners to buy the properties collapsed.

Johannesburg-based newspaper City Press reported owners Akkerland Boerdery wanted 200 million rand (£16.7m) for the land, but that the country’s government were willing to offer them just a tenth of that at 20 million rand (£1.67m).

A letter sent to the owners earlier this year had said: “Notice is hereby given that a terrain inspection will be held on the farms on April 5, 2018 at 10am in order to conduct an audit of the assets and a handover of the farm’s keys to the state.”

Akkerland Boerdery immediately took out an urgent injunction to prevent eviction until a court had ruled on the issue, but the Department of Rural Development and Land Affairs has refused the application.

ANC spokesman ZiZi Kodwa refused to reveal details of the farms being targeted and has attempted to calm investor fears, adding the proposed seizures were “tied to addressing the injustices of the past”.

He told City Press: “Over time I think the markets as well as investors will appreciate that what we are doing is creating policy certainty and creating the conditions for future investment.”

Tensions among South Africa’s white farming community has been escalating since the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as President earlier the year, who committed his African National Congress (ANC) to land expropriation.

Last week, ANC chairman Gwede Mantashe sparked panic among the farming community when he said: “You shouldn’t own more than 25,000 acres of land.

“Therefore if you own more it should be taken without compensation.”

It should tell you all you need to know that this story is essentially buried by the mainstream media.  Could you imagine the coverage this would be getting if it was a white man in power seizing land from blacks or some other minority?  Again, it’s the double standard which will cause the next civil war.  It’s open season on the white race.  The only race that apparently cannot defend itself and cannot be discriminated against.  This is actual, legitimate, racism.  What’s worse, there has been a huge uptick of violent crime towards white South African farmers, again never remarked upon in the mainstream media.

Stefan Molyneux’s video below gives a good starting point for those not too familiar with the problems going on in South Africa.  It appears that South Africa is on the same trajectory as Zimbabwe.  Property rights is a core tenet to any free, stable, nation.  In Zimbabwe’s case the farmland was taken from white farmers and redistributed to black Zimbabweans.  As you may imagine, without the acumen or experience with farming the land, it quickly went downhill.  Eventually machinery broke, the land yielded less crops, and hunger and economic decline quickly followed.  It should also be noted that this land was legitimately found and farmed before many of the blacks currently in South Africa were even in South Africa.  It’s not like these white farmers kicked them off the land first.

This is a legitimate humanitarian crisis and would be the type of refugee who truly needs help and should be let in.  It’s a clear cut path to follow, and much easier to vet than the mess in the Middle East.  I imagine it’s easy to prove that your land has been taken away with zero compensation.  Of course, everyone would make a stink about it being white refugees and would get bad press, disgusting as that would be.  Thankfully, and smartly, Russia has agreed to fast track 15,000 white South Africans to seek asylum.  This is a prime example of how immigration could be a benefit.  These are farmers that bring a tangible skill.  Russia has a lot of land and will benefit from these refugees, which is a rarity these days.


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