I love this man.  President Trump has done it again, this time pulling off a summit nobody ever thought possible.  He is the first sitting US President to meet with the North Korean leader.


By all accounts it seems to have gone beautifully.  More details to come, of course, but they’ve agreed denuclearization will happen, much to the chagrin (so f’ing sad) of all his critics in the fake news media.  I’m at Narita airport in Tokyo and sadly all they’re showing is CNN, but it has been enjoyable to watch Chris Cuomo try and cover this while looking like he wants to kill himself.

Meanwhile, here was the front page of CNN at the time:


“Extraordinary gamble” huh?  Yeah, God forbid he averts a nuclear war via peaceful diplomacy.  The horror!

This is how the West will be made great again.  President Trump’s brand of American diplomacy will only become more contagious as his successes continue to pile up, both at home and abroad.